Tom Wills

Ode to Masters Series

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Title: Ode to Vera #9
Year: 2016
Size: 11 1/2" x 11 1/2"

This is a mono print Series of ten, following Tom's work in honoring Vera Newmann

Title: Belfast Harbor #5
Year: 2012
Size: 13" X 23"

This print was inspired by Neal Parent's photo which has been in Tomís home for years. There are seven AP prints at this time.

Title: Green and Silver #18
Year: 2006 and 2007
Size: 28" x 16.5"

This is a Series of twenty-three, all Monotypes inspired by Georgia O'Keefe

Title: Ode to Munch
Year: 2006
Size: 17.5" x 24"

Edition of 3

Title: Plan View of Simon Rodia Towers
Year: 2006
Size: 26.75" x 18.5"

State 1 Edition of 4

State 2 All Artist proofs at this time